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You Owe Me

Louis smiled as he walked in the flat, just coming home from grocery shopping. He dropped the food down on the table, calling into the flat to Harry, “Sweetheart, I’m home!”

Harry looked up from the bed covers, staring at the girl underneath him. “Shit…” he whispered. He rushed to shut his door. “I’ll be right out, Lou!” he called while ushering the girl out the side exit of their flat.

Louis walked into the room, pushing open the door. His eyes widen when he sees the girl, and Harry naked. “I - oh my God,” he said, eyes filling with tears as he slammed the door and ran out of the flat.

The girl finished dressing herself and left, as Harry chased after Lou in his boxers and jeans. “Lou, wait!” he called after.

Louis is stumbling, the tears in his eyes making it hard to see. He continues running, even speeding up as he hears Harry behind him.

Harry ran faster, stopping in front of Louis, trying to catch his breath. “Louis….stop…”

Louis stopped for a second, looking up at Harry with hurt and betrayed eyes. He stood there momentarily before pushing past him, aiming to go to Niall’s house.

Harry stammered after him. “I’m sorry, Lou!”

Louis turned around for a brief second. “Sorry for cheating on me? Maybe you should’ve thought of that before!” He took off again, this time not stopping until he got to Niall’s house, hammering on the door, praying that he would answer.

Niall opened the door, confused. “Aren’t you supposed to be home, cooking Harry some special dinner or something?” he asked.

Louis let out a broken sob, pushing into Niall’s flat and almost tackling Niall in a hug as he needed to be held, not offering any form of answer.

"Whoa!" he yelled, stumbling back a bit. He rubbed his back, comfortingly. "What happened?"

"H-H-He cheated on me," Louis stammered, before letting out another broken sob, burying his face in Niall’s shoulder. "I - I came home and he was in bed with a g-g-girl!"

"What?" Niall asked, though he heard clearly. "I…Harry would never cheat on you. He was talking nonstop about how much he missed you when you were on holiday with El…"

"Apparently, he got over it!" Louis said loudly, voice high, how it got when he was upset. "Why would he do it, Niall?!"

"Well, you were there with Eleanor, and then you came back, saying you two broke up, but he couldn’t be expected to wait forever. He already waited for two years…" he said, softly. "I don’t know what to tell you." He shrugged.

Louis pulled away from the hug as if he’d been electrocuted. “Y-you’re saying this is my fault?!” Louis asked, incredulously. He couldn’t believe Niall would blame it on him when he was so devastated about it.

"No, no!" he said, trying to calm him down. "It’s just…Louis, you never noticed HOW in love with you he was before. He probably doesn’t even like that girl that much, he just wanted someone, you know?"

"Niall. We were together. We’ve BEEN together. Eleanor was the girlfriend that management made me had, and he knew that! We were dating, hence the fact that he cheated on me!" Louis said loudly, backing away from Niall, a hurt look in his eyes.

"Doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt to see El with you," Niall replied. "But I’m sorry, I’m not helping. The question is…are you two over now?"

Louis sobbed, backing against the wall, sliding down until he was curled up in a ball, leaning against the wall. “I don’t know! He obviously doesn’t love me anymore if he had a girl! I didn’t talk to him about it.”

Niall kneeled down beside him. “Hey, he still loves you. He’s probably just confused or got..lonely, I don’t know. He’s the youngest, he’s allowed to make mistakes, right?”

"Niall, this wasn’t a mistake!" Louis said, the betrayed look coming back in his eyes. "He had a GIRL. In OUR bed. He was on top of her, and he was naked! This was no fucking mistake!" Louis couldn’t believe the nerve Niall had. "Just forget I ever said anything." He finally said, pulling open the door and slamming it shut, walking away from Niall’s flat. He didn’t know where to go. If he couldn’t count on Niall, then he didn’t know who he could count on.

Niall sighed, feeling awful for not being able to help. He texted Harry about their conversation, but wasn’t able to tell him where Lou was headed since even he didn’t know. Harry frantically dialed Louis’s number.

Louis pulled out his phone, shaking his head when he saw it was Harry. He finally headed in the direction of Liam’s flat, hoping that maybe he would be able to help him a little bit. Louis ignores the call, shoving the phone back in his pocket.

Liam and Danielle stepped out of his flat, holding hands when they spotted Louis. “Lou!” Liam called, with a smile. “You and Haz wanna join us for some dinner?”

Louis sighed heavily seeing that Danielle was with him. He hung his head, a couple tears welling up in his eyes. He sighed softly. “N-no..”

Liam stepped away from Danielle. “Hey, you okay?” he asked, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Louis looked up at him. “H-Harry cheated on me,” Louis said softly, hanging his head in shame again.

Liam tried his best to fake surprise. “Ohh…I..I’m sorry,” he said. Zayn turned a corner, spotting the two of them.

"Did he find out about the blonde?" Zayn asked.

Liam groaned. “ZAYN!”

Louis’ eyes widened, backing away from them, betrayal once again in his eyes. “Y-you knew?!” .

Liam sighed, wiping his face. “We didn’t wanna tell you because we didn’t know if El was real or not, so we kind of just let Harry have his own..girlfriend on the side. I’m sorry.”

Louis backed away from them hearing the words. He couldn’t believe it. “How long has this been going on?!”

"Since you and El left," Danielle answered, feeling guilty herself.

"I can’t believe you guys. You guys knew management made me have Eleanor for a girlfriend! I told all of you! How - how could you do this to me?!" Louis said, waiting for them to answer with furious eyes.

"That’s the thing…" Liam said.

"We’ve all been told different things by management. They even kind of made Harry get a girlfriend, too. To make sure if you broke up with El, it still would mean no Larry…" Zayn added. "But I guess Harry stopped faking it with his beard. And we let it happen. Sorry…"

Louis paused for a second, taking in this new knowledge. “Fuck this,” he finally mutters, turning and walking away. He had no idea where to go, no idea where he could go.

At that point, Harry had made it to the end of the flat, seconds after the confrontation. He saw Louis walking away and chased after him, fully dressed now. “Louis!”

"Go away, Harry!" Louis said, still not turning around, not wanting anybody to see the furious tears that were springing up in his eyes.

"Can you honestly say you never slept with Eleanor?" he finally shouted from across the courtyard of the complex.

Louis turned around. “Yeah, I can honestly say I’ve never slept with Eleanor because I’m in love with YOU!” He yelled back.

Harry froze, being overwhelmed with guilt. “What do you want me to do?!” he cried, helplessly.

"Take it back! Still be in love with me, and not sleep with that slut!" Louis cried back. He had no idea what to do, no idea what would make Harry love him again.

"I can’t take back what I did, Louis, but I never stopped loving you!" he said, stepping closer cautiously. "I had to imagine it was you whenever I was even with her…"

"So why the hell would you do it?" Louis said, anger, and hurt burning in his eyes.

"I was lonely…" he answered, looking down in shame.

"So why couldn’t you just call me or something? I was only a text away, Harry!" Louis said, a tear falling down his face that he wiped away furiously.

Harry shook his head, apologetically. “There’s no excuse for it…I wasn’t thinking…”

Louis shook his head. “I’m in love with you, you dumbass. But now I don’t know if I can—” he finally broke down, sobbing as he stood in front of Harry. Liam gestured the others to leave them alone and they all walked off, letting the two lads work themselves out.

"I’m so sorry," Harry said, wanting so bad to comfort Louis.

"Do..do you know how hard it is to love someone you can’t even trust anymore?" Louis said, looking into Harry’s eyes as his own flooded over. "Do you?!" 

"What can I do to change that?" he asked, pleadingly.

"Give me time," Louis answered, sniffling and lowering his head. That was really all he could do, he would have to earn his trust back. "Break up with her." 

He nodded, before saying, “I already did..”

Louis looks up at him. “And when was this?”

"About five minutes ago?" he said, brushing his bangs to a side, exposing a cut. "Wanna see where she throw a vase at me?"

"Baby.." Louis instinctively stepped closer, brushing a thumb over the cut, wiping off some blood.

Harry teared up at the touch, not because it hurt, but because it was the first he felt Louis before the fight. He started crying. “I’m sorry…”

 Louis bit his lip, pulling off his shirt to press it lightly to Harry’s head, still trying to stop the bleeding. “Shut up,” he said, before leaning forward and kissing him softly.

By this time, the others had left the two alone and went their ways, but Harry wouldn’t have cared if they’d stayed. He sighed into the kiss, pulling Louis closer.

Louis stepped a little closer, but only a little bit. “C’mon, we gotta get home so I can look at this.”

Harry nodded, listening. Once they were back inside their flat, he sat down on the couch, a frown plastered on his face.

Louis went into the bathroom and gathered everything he’d need to bandage and clean his cut. He came back to the couch, not saying anything as he cleaned it and put a bandage on it.

Harry watched Louis’s eyes focus on the cut, and didn’t blink once.

 Louis stays silent the entire time, a little uncomfortable. He no longer knew what to say to Harry. Once he was done, he grabbed everything, putting what was left back in the cupboard of the bathroom.

Harry followed him, like an apologetic puppy, not saying anything.

 Louis didn’t know he had followed him, so when he turned back around, he jumped. “Uh, hey..” Louis said, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

"We’re never gonna be the same, are we?" he asked, sadly.

 Louis looked up at him, a sad look in his eyes. “I don’t know. If we are, I’m going to need time.” 

Harry frowned, nodding understandingly. “Okay,” he said, before heading towards his room. Louis bit his lip, hesitating a second before following him, going into his room after him.

He was changing into his PJ’s when he turned around to see Louis had stepped in after him. “Hm?”

Louis shrinks back a little bit. “I - I thought we could cuddle like we used to..?”

"I thought you needed time," Harry said, with a small smirk but not wanting to ruin his chances again. 

"I’m not asking for makeup sex, you dick," Louis shot back, unexpectedly. Harry looked at him, wide-eyed. "I’m sorry, I don’t know where that came from…"

Harry laughed, pulling Louis over to the bed and snuggling up to him. “Come here.” Louis smiled, settling into Harry’s neck and chest, as he held him close. He kissed the top of Louis’s head. “I’m sorry.”

"I know."

"I love you."

"I know."


"Shut up, Harry." 


"Go to sleep."


Louis moved out of Harry’s hold and glared at him. “You’re going to need it.” 

"Why?" he asked, searching Louis’s eyes for an explanation.

"Because you owe me."

Harry kept his confused stare, before he finally caught on. He knew. He knew he was going to be in store for a very angry, very aggressive punishment fucking later on. 

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