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Even so, take care, though! Many of us love you dearly.

thank you so much, I appreciate it a lot x 


I’m sick of people calling women who choose to get abortions “murderers”. It’s none of our business. It’s not our place or right. And if you’re confused or disagree, click the link!

Monday, March 17, 2014
are you taking propmts?????

i’ve been in this depressing funk where all i wanna do is delete my tumblr and sleep for a thousand years tbh 

somebody throw me in a river

How have you been?!

i’ve been a fucking mess hahaha kill me

Can you PLEASE do a Larry fic that's like Hunchback of Notre Dame. Harry is a bellringer that had a disfiguring accident (like burns) and he's lonely, but is afraid to leave. Louis is a cheeky gypsy who is tiny (big fan of height difference) and curvy and they meet and fall in love! Top!Harry, bottom!Louis, side Ziam is okay, angst is nice, super hot dominant!Harry and submissive!Louis during sex (lots of sex. Sex is good) and some Louis pole dancing/lap dancing/stripping for Harry? Thank you!!!

that’s so specific omfg 

You could've made an exception!

yes but no

Hello lovely, just stopping by to see how you're doing and to say that I love you! :) xx

hello pal 

Friday, February 21, 2014
Prompt: Harry is getting married to a woman and his friends Zayn, Niall and Liam think it would be funny to take him to a gay strip club. Louis is the main act and Harry is mesmerised watching him dance on stage. His friends have booked him a private session with him. Harry has never been into guys but he ends up getting fucked by Louis in one of the private rooms.

idk i don’t like strippers or cheating!!! 

Monday, January 27, 2014
Do you have a masterpost for your one shots? (Mainly Niam?) They're awesome. :)


it’s not exactly a masterpost, but all niam one shots are under that tag 

To your anon who asked about the one-shot where Harry and Louis were best friends and neighbours until they kissed! It's called The Best Mistake! :)

oh thanks, I feel so dumb for not knowing my own work!

here you go anon! 


Monday, January 20, 2014
can you write this, babes? icecooly94*tumblr*com/post/73629935366/sourwolf-this-is-literally-a-future-pic-of thank you. you are amazing ;)

this isn’t really a prompt and i’ve been getting a lot of like, pictures with tags that explain one cute scene but it’s not exactly anything to go off of  :/ but thanks 

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