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I know I haven’t been the most consistent vlogger/YouTuber/whatever the term is supposed to be, and that’s been because I don’t want filming the journey to become more important than enjoying it. So in an effort to do both, I’m committing to organizing my list (and my life) and sharing these few highlights from the past seven years, and future life lessons I may come across. Like the Bucket List, it’s all a work in progress. Enjoy the video, I hope it sparks something good and inspiring in you.



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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Take The Next Exit

Harry pushed his hair back, sighing at the sight. Another morning waking up to a bed without a bed frame, a window without curtains, a second pillow with no one’s head laying against it. 

He ran his hands down his face, content with having wallowed in his singledom for the morning, and went about his day. After getting ready for work, he headed downstairs of his apartment complex to unlock his bike, only to find the lock having been picked. He groaned, knowing it was probably the asshole kids who lived on the bottom floor. He pulled his bike out the rack and went on his way to the restaurant. 

The only thing he enjoyed about anything before noon was the bike ride to work, with the wind flowing through his hair and the freedom to pedal as fast as he wanted. He briefly closed his eyes to enjoy the moment, got ahead of himself to think he could have even that, and crashed into the back of a jeep stopped at a red light. 

The driver looked at his rearview mirror after feeling the thud of a body up against his trunk,  and popped his head out the window. “What the hell?”

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Friday, August 8, 2014
hi sweetie i've seen that you are back yeah? im so happy i miss your writing you are an amazing writer and you dont need to listen to those hateful people who think your not i love your stories they amaze me every time i read them so please continue i wanted to know something i came across a change of heart on wattpad and i just wanted to know if its continued or if you just ended it there no pressure love just wanted to know have a wonderful day beautiful :)

not really back back. i bounce onto tumblr every now and then.
i didn’t leave because of any “hateful” people or because i don’t appreciate the people who like my writing and think i’m an amazing writer.

i just don’t feel the same way about writing this kinda stuff as i did a couple years ago.

as for a change of heart, i just completely abandoned the story. wattpad has really dumb regulations in regards to profanity and smut and shit, and i realized i didn’t really want to continue it anywhere else or at all.

i’m sorry for disappointing anybody if i did. but thank you otherwise for understanding.

Cheri we miss you a million bunch! hope you're not gone yet.

aw, i was gone for a bit. literally had no motivation to write for MONTHS.

Monday, May 5, 2014
hii love, thank you soo much for doing my prompts awee i love it! missed your stories so much, i'm really glad you are back :))

thanks, i’m glad you liked it!

Friday, May 2, 2014
Glad your back, really love your blog!

thanks a lot…

Glad your back, really love your blog!

thank youuuu

Glad your back, really love your blog!


A Midnight Memory

- as requested; keep in mind this is my first one shot since being on hiatus! i hope you enjoy xx 

Louis wasn’t feeling it.  Louis “Keg Stand” Tomlinson wasn’t feeling going out on a Friday night. This raised red flags for his friends, Liam and Zayn, who immediately tag teamed in getting the party legend to make at least one more appearance before the semester ended.

Their friend Niall’s fraternity was hosting a pre-finals bash, which was likely to be counterproductive since their grades were shit regardless of hangovers and it’d be best to celebrate after you barely pass the exams, right? These weren’t boys of logic. 

Harry Styles, on the other hand, was. He knew his limits. How many beers it took for him to get drunk, how many questions he needed to get right on his sociology final to make the bare minimum grade to pass the damn class, how much arguing he could take before he would just walk away from a relationship, and how late he could stay at Niall’s before he needed to start cramming for the test over the weekend. 

But even a man of reason had lapses in judgment, and when Louis Tomlinson walked into a room, everything became blurred and the limit did not exist. Harry quickly looked away from the door, when the trio entered, cringing at the indiscreet Mean Girls quote that just ran through his mind. “The limit does not exist. Goddamnit, yes, it does, Harry. Look away.”

Fortunately for him, Louis was too distraught over being stuck at university for another year since he was behind on credits (after semesters of shenanigans), and it didn’t really help that his two best mates were encouraging that behavior. 

But Harry couldn’t help himself, and this time when he looked away, Louis’s eyes locked on his.

And Louis thought to himself, at the sight of such an innocent, reserved face: “Maybe just one more night won’t hurt.”

Liam looked at the hesitant expression on his friend’s face. “Don’t tell me you wanna leave already.”

"No, no. Uh, who’s that?" he asked, tilting his head in the direction of the boy adjusting the ratio of curls to poof on his head. 

Zayn walked over with beers as Liam explained. “Harry Styles. Massive prude. Even massiver nerd.”

"Massiver isn’t a word," Zayn corrected.

"I wouldn’t know. I’m not a nerd."

Louis laughed, figuring he shouldn’t pursue a boy who had everything together then. That wasn’t his type anyways. He liked messes, familiar territory. Zayn handed him a beer, which quickly turned into six. 

And by that time, most people had started passing out and making out, leaving the lads isolated. They weren’t there for hook ups or girls they’d have to explain not texting back to the next morning, and Louis was done with hitting it and quitting it. It had already tainted his academic career of enrolling in and dropping classes, with the same mentality.

He looked over to the far corner of the living room, where Harry stood twiddling his thumbs on his phone screen. Even Niall looked exhausted, after spending hours making sure everyone was having fun—forgetting himself. 

Louis got up, approaching the drained host, who deserved to celebrate as much as anyone here. “Let’s let your guests tend to themselves, yeah? You’ve frat brothers who can take over your shift.” Liam and Zayn seemed ready to head out too, causing Niall to frown, thinking his party was a dud.

"Where are we going to even go? The party’s here."

Louis smiled at Niall’s naivety. “We’re in the city, the party’s everywhere. Why don’t you bring your pal Curly? He seems to be in need of some fresh air too. You deserve to enjoy yourself after supplying all the beer.”

Niall looked over to where Harry was standing by himself, just as he looked back down at his phone, failing again to pretend he wasn’t staring at Louis. 

"You’re right. Harry! How about you join us?" he asked.

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

I expected to lose followers tbh

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been on for awhile or even posted any decent writing in months.

The truth is, I’ve been feeling like absolute shit and doubted my ability to even write anything worthwhile.

But I’m back now, and I’ll try my best to be the blog you guys loved :) 

just wanted to if your gonna be wiritng any more because this is one of favourite blogs ever and miss reading stuff on here

i missed writing too, i’m back :) 

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